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You might have laughed it off when someone recounted their version of a lockout, but when it happens to you, only then do you realize that residential lockouts are anything but funny. Your every day detour to pick up the newspaper off the porch might end in disaster, when you find the door slammed shut behind you. It’s not your fault, although a little mindfulness could prevent such issues.

Here are a few other tips that can help you avoid being caught up in a residential  lockout :

  • 	Tampa Affordable Locksmith Tampa, FL 813-261-6591Double-check if you’ve got the keys with you before exiting your home
  • Always keep your keys in a secure place
  • Leave a spare set with a neighbor or a trusted friend
  • Ensure your locks are regularly maintained
  • Replace faulty locks right away
  • Replacing any old keys will prevent lockouts due to key breaking in the lock

I’m locked out. What do I do ?

There’s only so much you can do to prevent a residential lockout. However, if you find yourself facing one due to unanticipated reasons, there’s only one thing you can do – call a locksmith. Hiring a handyman or a technician from the local hardware store won’t do the trick. In fact, you’ll find yourself spending excessive sums on fixing the damage inflicted on your property. What you require is brain and not brawn. Locksmiths have worked most of their lives around locks and if they can lock them up, they also know how to unlock them.

Why choose us?

For the same reasons why hundreds of residents in Tampa, FL area deem us their go-to locksmith! Over the years, Tampa Affordable Locksmith has only grown to become bigger and better, expanding its boundaries, building its team, improving its infrastructure and more. To sustain in an industry as competitive as this one is tough, but to surpass all competition is tougher still.

We’re sought-after for our:

  • Incredibly quick response:

Locked out of your home and need to get in at once? Don’t worry, being super quick is our specialty. After you call us, you can expect us at your doorstep within 15-20 minutes.

  • Hassle-free resolution:

Got a high-security lock installed that you’re now unable to open? No matter what the lock, we’re aware of what it takes to get it opened. 

  • 24-hour assistance:

There’s no telling when you might find yourself in a residential lockout. If you’ve resolved to wait until morning for help, then don’t! Unlike others, we work 24/7. Our lines are never off the hook.

Give us a call on 813-261-6591 any time you need help!